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Braised Pork Belly

Posted by Helen Vang on

As a kid growing up, braised/caramelised pork belly was a regular dinner dish served at the table to fill hungry bellies. Here's our family recipe. 



1. Hard boil eggs. Cool. Peel. Set aside.

2. Slice pork belly into small pieces (3cm) and place in pressure cooker (pot) or saucepan (with lid). 

3. Add all ingredients into the pressure cooker pot or saucepan, excluding the eggs. The liquid mixture should cover 90% of your ingredients in the pot. You may add a little water (1/4 cup) to cover the mixture - this will allow you to cook the meat for a little longer.

4. Place pot over the stove and cook on medium heat (covered) until the meat is tenderised. Add the hard boiled eggs and simmer over medium/low heat for a further 10 minutes.

Handy tip? The cooking process will take roughly 30-40 minutes, without a pressure cooker. You may add water, if you plan (or need) to cook the meat over the stove for a little longer, this helps to tenderise the meat. Because the flavour is so rich, adding water does not impact the flavour. In fact, we often add water to the mixture if we plan on converting the meal to a soup based dish, eaten with egg noodles. Cooking longer without adding water, on the other hand, will dissolve the water and create a thick caramelised sauce - but ensure you stir and be careful not to burn. 

Happy cooking!